Using Categories and Tags

Categories and Tags are two ways to help visitors to your site find the content they want. They are very similar in the way they work. The main difference is that normally categories are set up in a planned and limited way, whereas tags can be added spontaneously and there is no need to limit the number of tags that can be used. 

There are several advantages to using categories and tags. For example, when visitors first view your site they can easily see the subject matter of your posts and decide if your site is of general interest to them. 

Readers can also navigate to pages which list only posts of a specific tag or category by clicking on the name of the category or tag. This is useful if you want to create menus for your site based on this kind of taxonomy; for more information about how to do this, see the chapter on Menus.

Examples of Categories and Tags

Categories and tags are often shown as widgets in the side column of a site:

Tags are often shown in a "cloud" where the size of the text indicates the popularity of each tag.

Categories are normally shown as a simple list displayed in alphabetical order. 

Clicking on any of the tags or categories will normally take you to a page which has a summary list of the posts. The URL (web address) of the page will include the name of your category.

Adding tags to posts and pages

To add tags to posts and pages, you simply enter them in the tags box in the righthand column of the Add Post page. 

When you click Add, the tag(s) will appear beneath the text box. You can delete them by clicking on on the X, or add more.

To display tags on your site, add the Tag Cloud widget to your sidebar. There is more help on adding widgets in the chapter Using Widgets.

Setting and adding categories

When you first create your site, you will normally have one catch-all category set up for you called 'Uncategorized'. This will be visible on the page in your Dashboard where you add posts. 

Leaving this unchanged can make your site look very sad. So it is a good idea to add some new categories. Click Add New Category to do this.


Enter the name of your new category and then click on Add New Category to add it. Repeat this until you have included the categories that you think you will need for your site. You can always add more later if necessary.