How to use this manual

Table of contents

To read any of the sections listed on the left, click the section name.

Using links

Any text in blue is a link; click it to open a Web site. For example, the Mifos configuration guide is stored on a Web site, and you may need to refer to it or change some of its details.

Searching for information

All information in this manual is indexed by Google. If you go to the Google.com site and type words or phrases in the search box, this manual will be searched for those words or phrases.

Tips and techniques

In this manual, we present several helpful tips that we and our users have found to make operation of Mifos easier. You may find other helpful tips under the FAQ section of this manual.


The glossary in this manual (see the appendix) explains some finance terms and some terms that are used by MFIs for their work.  It also includes definitions of terms used in Mifos.

Document conventions

These are the rules for how information is presented in this manual.

  • All names of items on the screen (UI elements) have initial capital letters. For example, View Product Mix.
  • Any message from the Mifos software is surrounded by quotation marks, as in the following:
    “Please select the Product Type.”
    “Please specify the Category Name.”
  • The names of commands and buttons that you click are shown in boldface type.
  • Items in Mifos that must be clicked in order to navigate to a particular spot look like this:

    Click Admin > Define New Holidays.
    This means, click the Admin tab and, in the screen that appears, click Define New Holidays.