How to view and edit a question

To view a question:

  1. On the Admin tab, click View Questions under "Manage Questions." 

    The “View Questions” page opens and displays a list of the questions. (Note: No other information except the question title can be seen on the "View Questions" page.)

  2. Click on the desired question to display the question, answer type, and the answer choices associated with the question.

To edit a question:

  1. Click Edit on the “View Questions” page.
  2. In the “Edit Question” page that displays, the user may:
  • Change the status.
  • Revise the question.
  • Enter a new answer choice.

  1. A note is displayed on the Edit Question page at all points of time which says : "Significant modification of questions could affect reporting."
  2. To change the status, click on the corresponding radio button. By default, the status of the question is set to "Active."
  3. While editing a question for single select/ multi select / smart select / smart select:
  • Additional answer choices can be added.
  • Only newly added answer choices can be removed.
  • Existing answer choices are visible but cannot be edited or removed.
  • For smart select, tags can be added to existing as well as new choices. Tags can be removed for existing answer choices as well.
  • Both minimum and maximum values are editable for questions with numeric answer types.
  • The system prompts the user with a validation message if mandatory fields are not filled before submitting.
  1. Click Add to post the answer choice. (Click Remove to remove the new answer choice.)
  2. Click Submit to save the changes or Cancel to discard the changes.
  • If Submit is selected, the changes are saved and the user returns to the "View Question" details page. The changes are reflected on that page.
  • If Cancel is selected, the changes are discarded and the user returns to the "View Question" details page. None of the changes made are saved.