How to create a new center

A center is a collection of many groups. It is associated with a branch office. A center can have a savings account, like a group or a client. Groups or clients associated with that center can make deposits to and withdrawals from such an account, and the center can also pay fees for accounts.

Follow these instructions:

  1. Click Clients & Accounts > Create New Center.
    A screen appears that might look like this:

  2. From the list of branches, click the branch that this center will be associated with.
    A screen appears showing the branch office you chose. The first section might look like this:

  3. Enter information about the center using the descriptions in the following table:
Field name Description Example

Branch selected

The center's parent branch.

Branch 01

Center details


The center's name (make sure that this is unique within the MFI).

Fina Center

Loan officer assigned

The loan officer assigned to the center. Groups associated with this center inherit this value.

Sri Nagesh

Meeting schedule

Click Schedule Meeting to set the number of times meetings are to be held within a time period. Groups associated with this center inherit this value. Click Weeks or Months.

If you click Months, set a meeting for a specific day in each period or a specific day of a specific week in each period. If you click Weeks, type the number of weeks between meetings, and in the list next to it, click the day of the week on which the meeting takes place.

In the Location of Meeting box, type where the meeting is to take place. Click save to save this schedule and return to the previous page.

The 12th day of every third month


The 4th Tuesday of every second month

Village store

Collection sheet type

The type of collection sheet used for collecting payment from members belonging to the center.


External ID

A unique identifier of the center in another system. This will be used to link the center in Mifos system and center's details in another system.


MFI Joining Date

Date when the center was first approved and saved in the system.



The next section is for the address of the center.


Field name Description Example

Center Address

Address lines 1 -3, city, State, country, Postal code and Telephone


#224, Wheeler Road, Bangalore, Karnataka, INDIA, 560090

91 80 23456787


The next sections are for additional information and any fees.



Field name Description Example

Additional information

Customized fields

Fields that are configured by the system administrator to allow the MFI to capture more information.


Administrative set fees

Application or other fee (if charged)

Fee charged to be a member, process membership application, etc.  These fees are set as default when defined.



The frequency the fee is applicable in a given period.

One-time fee

Check to remove

A user can check this box if they wish to remove the default fee. An unchecked check box means that the fee is applicable.


Apply additional fees

Fee Type, Amount

Additional fee type and amounts defined by the MFI.



  1. When you have made all specifications, click Preview and review your work.
  2. If you want to make changes, click Edit Center Information, make the changes, and click Preview again.
  3. When you are satisfied with your changes, click Submit. (If you decide not to create a center at this time, click Cancel.)
  4. A screen appears confirming the creation of the center and providing a system ID number. You can use this number to find details on the center (including its performance data) quickly. The screen might look like this:



The center details page might look like this:


From the center dashboard, you can do the following:

  • View and change center status
  • Add groups
  • Open new savings accounts
  • View closed accounts
  • Edit center details
  • Edit meeting schedule
  • View the change log
  • View performance history
  • View and attach surveys
  • View and add notes

Check the appropriate chapters of this manual for information on each of these.