Data entry

All data entry screens in the system behave in the same way. Note the following:

  • You can type data into a text field.  A text field requires typing or scanning, as in the amount and interest rate fields in the above page. 
  • In a “pull-down list” or “drop-down list,” there is a predefined list of values; the user must choose one from this list. In some cases the items on this list are based on user entries; in other cases, they are configured by the MFI. For information on how to change some of these values, see How To Define And Change Lookup Options
  • In some cases, when the data is selected, values that depend on it are displayed automatically and cannot be changed.
  • Fields that require no data entry are dimmed.
  • Mandatory fields have a red asterisk (*) before the field name. The user must enter data in this field before the form can be completed.
  • Where the form is longer than the screen, use the scroll bar to display more fields.
  • Use the keyboard to move from one field to another; after you have entered data in a field, press Tab to move to the next field.
  • The data entry pages indicate the numbers of steps to be completed. The above section of the create loan account screen, at the top, shows that the current step is the Loan Account Information. You can click the previous step to go back to it.