How to set office structure

Your MFI can have as many as five levels of offices, which can be organized according to geographical or functional divisions. All users and clients of the MFI must be attached to offices.

  • Head office
  • Regional office
  • Subregional office
  • Area office
  • Branch office

The head office is the main or parent office for an MFI. Mifos automatically creates it, and there can be only one in an MFI. During initial configuration (see the Configuration guide), you must decide on specifications for at least one branch office; this is the level at which all client interactions take place. You can also decide on specifications for the other three types of offices, which are optional.

The following screenshot shows how to choose which levels of offices you want in Mifos.


Once you have decided how many levels of office to have and have configured them, you can add more instances of each of them, if you have the appropriate permissions.

Once you have defined an office as a head office or branch office, you cannot change it to a different office type, such as regional office, sub regional office, or area office. However, you can change the offices of these three optional types to any other level except for the head office level.

TIP:  If you work in an area office or a head office and also want to offer services directly to clients, you must create a "virtual branch office" and assign clients to it.

To view and update the existing office hierarchy, click Admin > View Office Hierarchy.