Rules for how to reschedule repayment

  1. If the client did not make the payment for an installment:
    1. For flat-interest loans, in next installment, "Penalty + Payment1 + Payment2"
    2. For declining-balance loans, the next installment will be recalculated to include the missed installment. (There is no concept of payment 1 and payment 2 in this case.)
  2. If the repayment day falls on a holiday and repayment is set to the next repayment, the client must pay two installments on the next repayment day. No penalty will be calculated for that period.
  3. A penalty for failing to pay an installment is calculated only for the affected installment period.  The same approach is applied to subsequent installments.
  4. The grace period can be modified:
    1. For a loan account whose grace period has not ended.
    2. Only for future installments if the grace period has ended.
  5. If client does not have any meeting date, then repayment start date is the actual disbursement date + repayment frequency + grace period.