How to define accepted payment types

For all kinds of payments (fees from clients/groups/centers, loan disbursements/repayments, and savings withdrawal/deposits), you can specify what forms of payments you will accept. By default, Mifos puts cash, cheque, and voucher as accepted choices. You could specify additional payment types to choose from as well (click Admin > Define Lookup Options to do this). Once you have defined them as lookup options, you can decide which ones are accepted at present, and you can change these choices at any time.

  1. Click Admin > Define Accepted Payment Types.
    A screen like the following appears:
  2. The payment types that show in the right box are the ones accepted, and the ones in the left box are not accepted. Click a payment type and use the Add>> and <<Remove buttons to move that type from one box to another.
  3. When you are satisfied with any changes you have made, click Submit.