How to set up MFI operations: Overview

If you are setting up the operations for a microfinance institution (MFI) for the first time, you need to make decisions about its structure, its rules, its user members, and their roles. Some of these decisions must be made immediately, and some will be needed only when the MFI becomes more complex. Other decisions are completely optional.

In the process of configuring Mifos (see the Configuration guide), you or your administrator made many other decisions, such as the language in which Mifos is displayed to you. If you are looking for ways to control Mifos behavior and do not see them shown here, check the configuration file again.
We recommend that you make the decisions in this order, if they apply to your situation:

  1. Create any additional fields that you will need to create offices
  2. Create and/or view an existing MFI structure, including all offices
  3. Create roles and permissions for system users
  4. Create system users
  5. Create rules for data display (labels, lookup options, additional fields)
  6. Define accepted payment types
  7. Create fees
  8. Create fund types
  9. Set product categories
  10. Create checklists (optional)
  11. Create holidays
  12. Define products (loans and savings accounts)