About Chromium

When Google released the Chrome web browser in 2008, it also released its source code to the public through the Chromium project. The code was issued under the BSD (Berkeley Software Distribution) license, which meant that the source code for Chromium may be freely used, copied, modified, and distributed for use in other programs.

The goal of the Chromium project is to improve web browser technology, which leads to a better web user experience for everyone. Chromium is designed to load web pages quickly via a clean, minimal, tabbed interface free of extraneous applications. By openly releasing source code through the Chromium project, Google facilitates the sharing of innovative codes between Chromium and other open source programs, improving the performance, security, and reliability of web applications in general. Through the Chromium project, the open source community can find ways to make Chromium and Chrome run even faster, contribute to the development of web browser technology, and begin to pioneer the next generation of web applications.